South Street Seaport
89 South St #17, New York, NY
(212) 732-7678
Fulton Street

South Street Seaport


When visiting New York, one of the places you need to go is the South Street Seaport, this is a small port, also known as Pier 17, it consists of three historic buildings and a commercial building, the port is Manhattan area, located on Fulton Street and the East River, adjacent to the business district; it has some of the oldest architecture in downtown Manhattan, and includes the largest concentration of restored buildings from the 19th century. The Mall is not the classic precast and tasteless with the same store brands located throughout New York, here you would find, different types of shops with a warmer assortment, details of decoration, souvenirs, restaurants and cafes with a very affordable price and some elegant restaurants. Northside, offers a breathtaking view of the Brooklyn Bridge and at south a small sailboat dock, it’s a place you should not miss!. There is great entertainment in bars in the evening, during the time of "happy hour" with the best beers at half price and at night, the bridge view is wonderful, you may have to sit a long time after crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. The whole area has a lovely atmosphere; it’s a "snapshot" of old New York. At the entrance to the port is the Titanic Memorial Lighthouse, built to remember the people who died in the Titanic April 15, 1912.

Our advice:

From South Street Seaport you can walk to Zone 0, you can also take a ride on the Clipper boat, this is a stop almost all CitySights tourist buses, and you can visit a Metropolitan Museum of Art shop with all art pictures. With regard to children, there is "Cartoon World"; besides, opposite of the port there is a place where theater tickets to Broadway and Off-Broadway are sold with discounts and without lines, like  in Times Square posts.