Dylan's Candy Bar

1011 3rd Avenue Nueva York, NY 10065
(646) 735-0078
59th Street
Lexington Avenue / 59th Street
Lexington Avenue – 63rd Street

Dylan's Candy Bar

Working Hours:           Monday to Thursday from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM 

                                    Friday to Saturday extends until 11:00 PM

                                    Sundays from 10:00 AM to 9:00PM

It is a Candy paradise, it is like being in the dream world of childhood, it is due to Dylan Lauren, Ralph Lauren`s daughter; which has really grown since was opened in 2001. Dylan was really surprised by the movie, Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory, so she wanted to create something very similar; You can find a marshmallow snowman, gummy penguins, fishing; Caramel trees that receive you it with a warm greeting, on Christmas season the store is decorated with full of Christmas candies; They also have a coffee shop on the 3rd floor that offers ice cream, coffee and hot chocolate.

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