United Nations

United Nations

Hours:                      Monday to Friday from 9:15 am to 4:15 pm

                                 Saturday and Sunday 10:00 am to 5:30 pm

                                (Only the Visitor Center - No guided tours available)


The UN headquarters is located in New York City, along with the East River. Passing through its doors, you enter into international territory. The seven hectares on which extends don’t belong to the United States but to all member countries of the Organization.

Currently, the UN has 193 state members, the currency factor of business at the headquarters is the US dollar and languages in most of the signs are in English and French.

The entrance for visitors is located at the intersection of 46th Street to 1st Avenue where you must go through a security check. The general public can join the United Nations presenting an official identification document with a picture.


Our advice:

The Visitor Center UN is located in the basement of the General Assembly, in this area you can visit the Information place to the Public to collect publications and make inquiries, purchase books at the Bookstore, send letters with UN stamps, review articles from the Gift Shop, visit UNICEF counters, WFUNA, the Guild of Women or UNESCO, and complete your visit with a drink in the cafeteria.

The United Nations offers guided tours in 20 languages in languages other than English must buy it on the Internet, otherwise, tours are offered in English, opening hours are disposed to have changed. For more information call 212-963-TOUR (-8687). Or visit this website: http://visit.un.org/es/content/boletos

If you want a dining experience, visit the Dining Room of Delegates, it’s an eclectic menu and changes daily and offers refined recipes from around the world, the buffet also includes products like Soup of the Day ( Chef´s recommendation ), other specialties, like pasta, fresh salads and meat cuts. Of course, there is also a dessert table. Recently renovated, the Hall has an amazing view of the East River and the eastern part of the city. Enjoy it and receive world-class service that only the UN can offer.

The lunch buffet is offered for a settled down price for $ 34.99. The customer service hours are Monday through Friday from 11.30 to 14.30. its required to reserve 24 hours in advance to access. Please call 1-917-367-3314 or 1-212-963-7626.

United Nations