Forbes Galleries

Forbes Galleries

Schedule:           Tuesdays to Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

                          Thursdays:  reserved for groups - requires reservations

Admission:          Free admission


Located in the heart of Greenwich Village, it is located in the lobby of Forbes Magazine's headquarters in New York City. It's a small museum that shows a lot of perspectives on how an extraordinary person looked at the world in his day. There are paintings that show American history, lifestyle and stories, several paintings of only men's bodies. And it has a gallery that shows the old mechanical trigger (clocks) of many different decades. Forbes showed his passion, discovering new things like steel, mechanical toys, ships, and American life in his time. The gallery also shows other memorabilia, including antique trophies, plus a display of more than 500 toy boats, 12,000 miniature soldiers, and the first Monopoly games. In the Photo Galleries and autographs, rare manuscripts, includes the Abraham Lincoln Emancipation Proclamation.


Our Advice:

The gallery has disabled access, wheelchair ramps are located in the fifth entrance on 62nd street, baby cars are not allowed in the galleries, and they should be left at the Security desk.

Photography is not allowed inside the galleries.

Be sure to visit their website to get information on the numerous short-term exhibitions of paintings, photographs and manuscripts from the permanent collection.

Forbes Galleries