Cell phone companies in New York offer a variety of plans you that you can use during your visit. There are unlimited monthly plans, as well as prepaid cards for those that aren't staying long in the states. 

There are three main companies targeting immigrant countries: Metro PCS, T-Mobile, and Boost Mobile. These companies offer unlimited, prepaid plans within the United States that include international phone calls to landline phones, text messages to cell phones, and additional data plans that do not require any type of contract.   


Metro PCS

If you're looking to place unlimited calls while you're in the United States, or you want the option to make international calls, specifically to landlines, and international text messages, Metro PCS have many options available. If you would like to use your own phone, you can bring it to a Metro PCS store and see if it's compatible with Metro PCS services. Whether you're bringing your own phone or you purchase one upon arrival, there are no contracts involved.


Visit www.metropcs.com for more information.



T-Mobile provides SIM cards, with the purchase of a specific plan, that can be used to unlock your international cell phone. For visitors who are planning to stay for a month or more, this option is recommended. For those visitors who only need to place certain calls while in the States, there are a variety of prepaid cards that you can choose from.

Visit prepaid-phones.t-mobile.com for more information.


Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile also offers international calls, text messages, and data plans that are all contract-free.


Visit www.boostmobile.com for more information. 



In New York City is easy to get connected to the Internet , where there are many hotspots which is used by nearly 20 million inhabitants and more than 55 million tourists visiting each year in the Big Apple.

 Just remember to use caution when accessing personal information at wireless hotspots. MTA’s website gives a list of locations where you can have access to the internet  New York City Park’s website list http://www.nycgovparks.org/facilities/wifi Downtown New York list: http://goo.gl/2AJTUH

Useful phone numbers

Useful phone numbers

911 Emergency Services (Police, Fire Department, Ambulance) you can request any language

311Parking Regulations, if your car  is being towed you could get information of its location, any other information - that are not emergencies.

Manhattan Prefixes 212, 646, 917

Other districts Prefixes 718, 347, 917

 Country Prefix 1

International calls Prefix 011 + Country Prefix

International Prefixes

Argentina 54

Aruba 297

Australia 61

Austria 43

Bolivia 591

Brasil 55

Canada 1

Chile 56

Colombia 57

Costa Rica 506

Cuba 53

Republica Dominicana 1

Ecuador 593

El Salvador 503

Francia 33

Grecia 30

Guatemala 502

Haití 509

Honduras 504

Hong Kong 852

Italia 39

Jamaica 876

Japón 81

Mexico 52

Nicaragua 505

Panama 507

Peru 51

Puerto Rico 1

España 34

Uruguay 598

Venezuela 58

Useful phone numbers